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Discount Chef's Secret 22-Piece Element Super Set

Chef's Secret 22-Piece Element Super Set by Chef's Secret

Stainless SteelLifetime Warranty. 22 pc 9-element tremendous set with surgical chrome steel.. Read more Chef's Secret 22-Piece Element Super Set

Chef's Secret 22-Piece Element Super Set Spec

  • Stainless SteelLifetime Warranty

  • 22 computer 9-element super set with surgical stainless steel.

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    4.0 Out Of 5 Stars (21 Customer Reviews)  
    Reviews for Chef's Secret 22-Piece Element Super Set (Kitchen) If you want to know precisely what you are going to get, read on for an intricately certain description with references to the product footage that I uploaded...

    This set shouldn't be what I anticipated. I thought that this used to be a reputation brand, however there are no markings any place that say "Chef's Secret" and all pieces are made in China.

    The backside of the items are stamped "Multi Ply 12-Element; Surgical Stainless; Waterless Greaseless" (see pic). The inside of every handle is stamped "Mfg. in China, Nat'l Headquarters USA" but is simply too mild and small to take a picture. The Limited Lifetime Warranty is backed by using "CSC," which has a P.O. Box tackle in Dallas, Texas. I am assuming this is the US Headquarters.

    Brand identify and u . s . of origin aside, these items are very solid/durable, appear gorgeous, and are a pleasure to cook with. In my opinion, they're neatly well worth the "discount" worth that Amazon and other outlets are selling them for, however I would now not purchase them on the "list" value.

    The KTSS22 set includes the following 22 pieces:
    (1) *1.5 qt Saucepan with long handle;
    (2) Thermo Control Lid for 1.5 qt Saucepan;
    (3) *2.0 qt Saucepan;
    (4) Thermo Control Lid for 2.0 qt Saucepan;
    (5) *3.0 qt Saucepan;
    (6) Thermo Control Lid for three.0 qt Saucepan;
    (7) Medium Mixing Bowl or Dome Cover for three.0 qt Saucepan;
    (8) Plastic Lid for Medium Mixing Bowl or 3.0 qt Saucepan;
    (9) Steamer for three.0 qt Saucepan;
    (10) Fryer Basket for 3.0 qt Saucepan;
    (11) Side-Lift Handle with Plastic Grip for Fryer Basket;
    (12) Grater for three.0 qt Saucepan or Medium Mixing Bowl;
    (13) Center-Lift Handle for Grater;
    (14) *7.0 qt Roaster;
    (15) Thermo Control Lid for 7.0 qt Roaster;
    (16) Large Mixing Bowl or Dome Cover for 7.0 qt Roaster;
    (17) Plastic Lid for Large Mixing Bowl or 7.0 qt Roaster;
    (18) Adapter Ring for Fryer Basket or Grater to fit 7.
    Reviews for Chef's Secret 22-Piece Element Super Set (Kitchen) I've had this set for a few years and absolutely find it irresistible. Clean-up is a breeze - and sure, I've burned factors within these pots. Soaking the pan eliminates many of the burned-on food - an SOS or Brillo pad takes care of the remaining. The lids can leisure within the deal withs when you need them to - a function I in level of fact like. The set also lets in for stack cooking - a perfect lend a hand all the manner in which through the holidays! The waterless/greaseless method of cook dinnering lets in the pure flavor of foods to really pop. Don't add salt to greens - they're going to style manner too salty when you do. Try cook dinnering corn on the cob in it - it comes out tasting like it is been salted AND buttered! Start out anything you cook on medium heat after which decrease your temperature to medium low or low for the remainder of the cooking time. You will have to by no means have to make use of excessive warmth ever once more. Try stuffing a whole hen with peppers and onions, throw in some potatoes and carrots, and you'll have one of the most excellent foods ever - season the meat only. The leftovers make the perfect rooster soup ever! Or season a roast as you usually would, throw in peppers, onions, potatoes, carrots - the meat in reality soak ups the pepper taste and it is great! I've never used this cook dinnerware in the oven, so can not attest to its potential to face up to exterior warmth - the seem to be of the handles appears to avoid oven use, although. Also, keep in mind that meals cook dinners far more quick in this cookware, so be careful to not overcook it. The longer you prepare dinner it after it is done, the much less juice you'll have.

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